Order this nine foot U Shaped Support Pillow Today, a great sleep aid during any type of pregnancy.

U-Shaped Maternity Pillow

Mama Bees Belly Butter

U Shaped Support for Pregnant Women

  • Comfort - Reduce your discomfort during those long pregnancy nights, with the aid of our U shaped maternity pillow - designed to fit the full body and add much needed comfort when needed.
  • Multi-use - Use your pillow post pregnancy too, for back trouble and to help you relax at night after babys born! - good for reading, watching television and generally to chill with.
  • Quality - Cover is made of the highest quality 100% cotton - with PP soft supportive cotton filling - packaging - comes vacuum packed for practical reasons.
  • Dimensions - 140W x 80L x 18H (280 x 160 x 36) when fully stretched. Weight - 2.25kgs.
  • Warranty - Our products come with 100% warranty- if you have any issues, please contact us, and we will get back to you for sure.

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