Choosing a Gift for your New Home Owner Friends

So your best mate has just bought a new house, they’ve settled in nicely and are really happy with how everything’s turned out; however, the big question they ask you now is ‘err, where’s my present?’... You can always grab these quick new home gifting options; you can't go wrong with a selection of chocolates, or something a bit more meaningful like this new home wall plaque.

Buying gifts for new home owners can get awkward, that ‘special something’ can only be lost in the post for so long. But not to worry! We’re here to provide you with addional potential new home gifts you could buy your nearest and dearest to help them celebrate their new homes.

Furniture and Accessories

Perhaps one of the more obvious choices, furniture and accessorises are a good idea for those you know who need a little help to get the ball rolling. Are they using a sun lounger as both a couch AND a bed? This is one tell-tale sign that suggests your friend is in desperate need for a helping hand. Now I’m not suggesting that you buy them a three piece suite, that’s crazy talk! But what you could do is get them something a little more low key, like a nice rug maybe, or a tasteful dressing table, or even just a vase; items like these can really tie the room together!

A Pet

Now with this idea it’s better not to buy on a whim. Maybe take some time to judge whether they’d really appreciate this gift, as an animal is for life not just for when you move into a new house! However, despite all the risks in buying someone a pet it can also be one of the sweetest gifts you could give. You never know, your friend might be incredibly lonely and the one thing they need right now is a good ol’cat to keep them company. Well, whatever the situation, it’s definitely an idea to consider.

Food and Drink

Everyone loves a bit of food and drink, so if you know what your friends like then you can’t really go wrong with this one. Maybe get them something simple like chocolate or a fruit basket, or if you’re feeling a little more adventurous, maybe give them your own personal selection of their favourite things. Whatever you choose, being given a few home comforts is always a nice touch. As you’ve probably guessed another favourite is alcohol, so don’t be stingy and be the first to get the housewarming party started!

Something Handmade

Nothing says you love someone more than by making them a gift, and what’s even better is that with this you can be as creative as you want to be. What about making them some jewellery? Or writing them a song? Or giving them a life size cardboard cut-out of yourself so they don’t miss you too much? All fantastic ideas, but if in doubt, maybe just buy them a plant.