Order the incredible Beer Making Machine from Kirin today for the ultimate Beer Slushie experience.

Frozen Beer Slushie Making Machine

Kirins Frozen Beer Making Machine for Beer Slushies

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  • Creates a frozen cap of foam for the beer
  • Produces a frosty cold beer with a delicious ice cream-like head
  • Turn your beer into cold foam to top on your other beer
  • Foam keeps beer cold and doesn't water it down

The Ultimate in Frozen Beer Drinks

Enjoy the thirst-quenching drinking experience provided by the Frozen Beer Slushie Maker from Kirin Ichiban. A reputable and market leading drink manufacturer from Japan has created this Frozen Beer masterpiece. Order yours now!

Treat yourself to an ice cold beer slushie on a nice hot summers day this year with this amazing Frozen Beer Making Machine from Kirin. Makes for great entertainment with friends and certainly aids the beer drinking session.

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